Examples Of Archetypal Hero In Life Of Pi

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Friedrich Nietzsche once stated, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” In the novel, Life of Pi by Yann Martel a young man, Pi, is enforced to survive through suffering and endure the grievances of a shipwrecked human being. After embarking on a journey with his family from India to Canada aboard a ship, the Tsimtsum, which holds a variety of zoo animals sinks. Facing the bitter truth that he does not have a family anymore, Pi must withstand the urge to mourn his family and seek survival. He is stranded with a boat of ferocious animals and hope. In the novel, Pi is an archetypal hero because a traumatic event changes his life forever, and he suffers from his journey. Pi’s voyage causes him to become an archetypal hero because the traumatic event of the ship sinking and his situation changes his life forever. When Pi has come to the realization that the ship sank, he understands that…show more content…
Pi’s life changing traumatic event came while aboard a ship with his family. The ship sank and all but himself and few zoo animals survived. Pi lost his family and had to survive under the worst of circumstances. He was without a great supply of food and water. Also, Pi was without a family. Inevitably, Pi suffered while lost at sea. The scorching hot sun and lack of food caused great punishment for his health. Also, the adversity led to the failure of Pi thinking he could withstand the trials of being a shipwrecked young man. His courageous success of survival through the loss of his family and suffering earned him the title of an archetypal hero. Heroism is not only achieved by greatness; additionally, it can be earned through the brave conquering of death and
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