Examples Of Archetypes In The Odyssey

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The epic poem The Odyssey has ensnared the minds of many people with its riveting storyline, ancient beliefs, and fascinating characters. In The Odyssey the main character, Odysseus, has to face gods, monsters and other forms of the supernatural to complete his journey home to Ithaca from the war torn city of Troy. The Odyssey is full of all of the familiar tropes and characters that people witness in modern day literature, just under different titles with different trials for them to face.
A supernatural guide is defined as a being with powers who helps the hero. To give an example of this archetype, Odysseus had to journey down to the underworld to receive guidance from a dead man named Tiresias and he told Odysseus that he will, The epic poem The Odyssey has ensnared the minds of
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When people study the story enough they can see their favorite characters through thin veils. On the whole, The Odyssey is a story of wit, bravery, and determinism. This story teaches people to think outside of the box and to persevere no matter what they are trying to do. “survive alone, bereft of all companions, lost for years”(Homer 973), and to, “make a fair sacrifice to Lord Poseidon”(Homer 974). Tiresias told Odysseus what he had to do to survive and he guided Odysseus, set him on the right path and told him of the hardships he would have to face. Tiresias also warned him about, “insolent men eating your livestock as they court your lady”(Homer 973). He told Odysseus that he needed to, “make those men atone in blood”(Homer 973). Tiresias told him of what happening back at his homeland of Ithaca to prepare him for when he returns so he can get ready to make those men pay for living in the luxury of Odysseus’s old life. Tiresias aided Odysseus on his quest home, warned him of the dangers ahead, and told him of how all of his men aren’t going to make it home while Odysseus will remain
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