Examples Of Argumentative Essay About Immigration

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Argumentative Report
Imagine you’re walking home from your after-school program and all the sudden you feel like you’re being watched you slowly turn around; no one’s there. You start walking a little faster..BAMM! You hear a noise; you turn fast sounds like it came from that alley. You think you’re just imagining things; must of been the wind. BAMM! There it is again, and before you can turn around all the way you see two hands wrap around you suddenly everything turns black. Few weeks later, your body is found in a body bag in the alley; frightening isn’t it? To think something so simple could end up so awful? Things like this happened to kids in Mexico every day. Believe it or not it happens. You wonder the reasons to why there’s so many immigrants in the United States well you just learned one. There is much controversy with
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A person’s rights shouldn’t be determined by where they were born, but rather by what they can do; what that person is capable to do contribute to that nation. Many don’t know this, but a significant amount of immigrants fought in the US civil war. Should the people who help our ancestors get your freedom, not deserve to have their children educated?
“It is estimated that 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants lived in the U.S. in 2011. Unauthorized immigration peaked at 12.0 million in 2007 1 million of those 12.0 million were children under the age of 18 as of now it has increased; it is estimated about half (46%) of the immigrants are underage”(Pew Research Center). So how is it their faults they are here? Many families send their children to the United States in hopes of a better life. Whether it means quitting school to work for their families to survive or escaping from the violence of Mexico, these children immigrate to improve their living
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