Examples Of Arrogance In Julius Caesar

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A tragedy is defined as an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. The death of one character in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar sets off an entire war throughout Rome. Of course, every tragedy has a hero, and all heroes have tragic flaws. The tragic hero of the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is Julius Caesar, whose tragic flaw is his arrogance. Julius Caesar undergoes many conflicts that reveal his arrogance to the audience. An example of how his internal conflicts reveal his arrogance is the way that he acts about those he thinks he cannot trust. Caesar thinks that he cannot trust Cassius, but when he speaks of Cassius, he seems to be at war with himself to not show his fear. Caesar shows arrogance by saying that Cassius is a dangerous observer that cannot be trusted, then goes on to say that he is not afraid of Cassius. Caesar faces another internal conflict that shows his arrogance when his desire for the crown is aroused. Caesar did not want to seem desperate or power hungry when offered the crown at first, so he declined it three times. When Decius comes to Caesar’s home telling him that the…show more content…
Caesar was warned several times by a soothsayer to beware the Ides of March. Caesar heard the warnings, but he did not heed them or take them into account. This act shows arrogance because while Caesar did not know what was to happen on the Ides of March, he did not find it relevant to himself so he ignored it. Also, when entering the capitol Caesar is offered a petition from Artemidorus. Artemidorus’ petition would have told Caesar who every conspirator was and potentially saved his life, but he did not read it. Artemidorus was trying to do Caesar a favor and save his life, but Caesar shows arrogance and does not accept his favor therefore showing his arrogance. Overall, Caesar’s taking or not taking of chances leads to his demise and shows his arrogant
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