Examples Of Arty's Love For Miranda

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I think you are on the right track showing Oly’s love for Miranda as selfless. At first thinking about her giving her own daughter up because Arty told her to sickened me, but I see now that she most likely saved Miranda’s life. I am not sure your quote regarding Ms. Lick is the best choice from the novel. You may want to take a look at the scene where Oly is nearly sickened by the way Lick talks about Miranda. She almost gives herself away because the urge to stand up for her daughter is so strong. (Just a suggestion) Another strong example of Arty’s love for his family is the way he feels about Iphy after Elly’s lobotomy. He also shows concern when Oly appears to have a boyfriend, and I don’t personally believe this is entirely because he is worried about losing her as a servant, though I suspect that weighed on him as well.…show more content…
I think you are on the right track with your essay, but as you said you thesis does need some work. You could write something about the power struggle between family members all trying to do what they deem best for the family. Or you could compare the types of love they each showed, and how in some ways this love (for themselves, and each other) led to their downfall. You should check out Tony’s essay, she had a great point about the downfall of the family stemming from what Lil and Al instilled in their children. Since it seems their parents taught them who and how to love, it would be interesting to play out their role in all of
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