Examples Of Asymmetric Federalism

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Within this type of federal state, there is symmetric and asymmetric federalism. Symmetric federalism exits when the federal state and central government share equal powers. The United States constitution, which follows symmetric federalism, allows for this equal power situation to occur. On the other hand, asymmetric federalism exists when some of the federal state units have more powers than other federal states relative to the central government. This occurs when a nation is full of different desires and needs by each province or state. For this reason, Entdeckungland should be considered an asymmetric federal state because it varies in needs and wants. Governments in places such as Canada and Belgium use asymmetric federalism. In Canada,…show more content…
In parallel with Canada, Entdeckungland has provinces that all have different resources and are successful for different reasons. For example, the inland provinces are more successful for their military strength and stability while the provinces closer to the coast are more successful because of the resources such as oil that are accessible. While the inland provinces have success in terms of stability, they are poorer than those with oil because oil is a resource and therefore brings in revenue. To alleviate this issue, asymmetric federalism can be used to perhaps give one of the areas, such as the inland provinces, special access to government funding to receive more money and keep the military up and running. In the costal regions, citizens can be given certain government programs in order to be ready for an attack, especially coming in from the ocean, which they are prone to. Clearly, asymmetric federalism can help the provinces to work together by filling in gaps of what is needed with some government…show more content…
Constitutional review is vital. It is the power of an establishment to nullify legislation, government decisions, and other acts of the command that violate constitutional rules, such as rights. It has been created in order to defend the omnipotence of the constitution and the rights contained within. Since Entdeckungland now will focus on the rights of the people and become a minimalist democracy, the promises for human rights to the people must be upheld, thereby possessing the need for this type of review. The new nation will follow the American Model of constitutional review, suggesting that any law can be declared unconstitutional by any judge at any time. Because it can be carried out at any time, it is referred to as judicial review. In this model, the branches are separate by equal branches of government, allowing the separation of powers in Entdeckungland to be kept strong in all areas, not having any fall off the wagon. This allows for the country to stay stabilized, as one branch will not have more control over the next. A concrete posteriori constitutional review is used in this system. A concrete constitutional system involves the constitutional review with regard to a particular legal case; a posteriori constitutional review happens only after a law is officially passed. For this reason, if the people of Entdeckungland feel

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