Examples Of Atticus 'Politeness In To Kill A Mockingbird'

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Throughout this journal, Atticus can be characterized to be polite and kindhearted. To begin, Atticus can be described as being a polite man. One example that demonstrates Atticus being polite is how he has taught his children manners. Whenever Jem or Scout act rudely or talk back to an adult, Atticus is sure to reprimand them, forcing them to apologize and contemplate their actions. A point in the book that shows Atticus implementing his views of civility upon his children is when Jem tears up Mrs. Dubose’s camellias. As a response to Jem’s crude behavior, Atticus sends him back to Mrs. Dubose to apologize, and enforces Jem’s promise to read to her each day. This teaching of manners illustrates how Atticus values politeness, as to teach his children politeness, he has …show more content…

When speaking to Mrs. Dubose, who has insulted him several times behind his back, he only greets her warmly and smiles, not allowing his neighbor’s behavior to get to him. Even when he is being confronted by a group of men outside the jailhouse (it being implied that they may have come there to harm him), Atticus remains calm, cool, and courteous. This impressive control of his anger exhibits how determined Atticus is to remain polite at all times, even when it may be hard to, and to never let his rage get the best of him. The last way Atticus is shown being polite is his firm belief in nonviolence. For example, when Scout gets in a fight with a boy at school, Atticus says, “No matter what anybody says to you, don’t you let ‘em get your goat. Try fighting with your head for a change” (Lee 101). This quote demonstrated that Atticus prefers the idea of fighting with one’s mind rather than one’s fists, implying that he believes physically harming and brawling others to be improper. This dislike of violence indicates how civil Atticus is, as a true gentleman does not fight, and clearly indicates that he is one of the politest men in

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