Examples Of Authenticity Jean Paul Sartre

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According to Jean- Paul Sartre , An authentic person means that you have to accept the full weight of your freedom in light of the unreasonable which mean any life given to you is yours. He states that if you make a decision to follow someone else 's meaning of life whether it is a religion, government , teacher or parent. He consider this to be a bad thing because you did not make that decision for yourself. I do believe that authenticity can be developed through education as long as students understand the relevant of what you are teaching them. Some real world examples that educators present to student will only be retained if a student find it applicable to their lives. For example: If a teachers was to speak about groundwater and how will climate change impact California 's freshwater supply? This would relate to students in California but lacks the importance to students in Texas even though it affects the United States of America . Sartre believes that an authentic person would only gravitate to the meaning and importance of this topic by making that decision to care.…show more content…
Socrates is an great example of authenticity because even though he was a student of Plato, He decide to branch off and produce his own
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