Examples Of Autobiography

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A memoir is a rewarding experience to write at this point in life and with the available time use it beneficially! A friend mentioned to me that a story should have a death tragedy in it to arrest the reader’s attention. The protagonist should commit appalling crimes in the last chapter he felt. Voila! Who shall I kill or have killed? He remarked that it is surprising how much one needs to remember and we underestimate the volume of information stored in our brains over the years? He asked what was in the story? People do not want to read bland family tales, so is it special and captivating? What about a story of a nun who falls in love? My answer came when I went to the John Cleese show at Monte Casino in Johannesburg. At the end of his show an aspiring young actor asked Cleese how he wrote “A Fish Called Wonder”. His response was that writer’s first sketches out the whole story into parts until one arrives at a skeleton and then goes back and fills in the details and edits and perfects it. I write the memoir from my perception. They are reflections, glimpses, experiences and the lessons I learnt in life. I do not cast aspersions or wallow in filth, as words are giants when they do us an injury. To refresh my memories I collaborated with friends and family, who have guided me on certain stories, which I appreciated. The psychology of why certain events occurred in the manner they did, are incomprehensible. The Law of Consequences comes into play here. Every action has
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