Examples Of Barriers To Effective Communication

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Professional is being qualified is your position, respectful to others, and being able to handle all types of situations. One example of being a professional that sticks out in my mind is my pediatrician. Every time I would visit to him, he would always greet me when I walked in the door and ask how I was doing. The one thing that I remember the most though is that he would always make sure that I was comfortable no matter the circumstance. I think that is a huge factor in being professional because if the people around you do not trust you, then it will be hard to perform your job well.
One barrier to effective communication that I experience is an emotional barrier. Often times I get anxious when talking to people I do not know well; therefore, it makes it hard for me to concentrate on what they are saying and how I respond. Another barrier I experience is the differences in status. If I feel superior to them, then conversation will go well, but if it is the other way around, then it is hard for me to hold a conversation with them. Stress can also have an effect on the way I communicate. An event that causes me stress at school would be the academic pressure to perform well. An event that causes me stress on the job would be being asked to do a job that I have insufficient experience in.
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I was interning in the Nuclear Medicine department and we were scanning this patient who was suspected to have cancer. As the scan came up, the look at the technologist 's face did not look good, but they are not allowed to discuss anything with the patient until the radiologist looks at it. In this situation, confidentiality is extremely important because even just your body language can give off that information, but I was able to keep it together and keep it

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