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Israel Andrade Baseball subculture a. The subculture that I would like to study is baseball. I would like to study the individuals who participate in this sport as well as those who follow it. The reason for my interest in this subculture is that I’ve been a casual participate of this culture as I have played baseball during high school as well as attended a few professional games, but I want to learn more about the individuals who devote their spare time to baseball. The game of baseball is very prevalent in American culture it has even been titled America's pastime. I would like to research subculture to gain better insight into the cause for so much popularity and interest.In addition, I have a few family members who have played baseball…show more content…
“Baseball and American Cultural Values.” OAH Magazine of History, vol. 7, no. 1, 1992, pp. 61–66. JSTOR, JSTOR, This article focuses on the the correlation of baseball and the american culture values associated with it. This article indicates that such essential value as hard work and teamwork is passed through the sport as these are fundamental core values in American society. This article will aid in addressing the type of values participate share among each other. In addition, obtain information about the teamwork associated with baseball to learn about the camaraderie they share. Heaphy, Leslie A. “More than a Man's Game: Pennsylvania's Women Play Ball.” Pennsylvania Legacies, vol. 7, no. 1, 2007, pp. 22–27. JSTOR, JSTOR, The article main focus is on the subject of women playing baseball and the stigma that came with it. Moreover, the article provides information about the American Girls Professional Baseball league that will be used to distinguish the discrepancies from the male league. The article goes over the history of women playing baseball and the initial exclusion of minority groups. In addition, the article goes over the growing softball popularity that caused women to choose this sport as an alternative to baseball. The article will aid my research to understand the history of women roles in this subculture and to obtain an insight to knowing why they chose to pursue…show more content…
Moreover, the article goes over how this sport is a product of culture and how massive is has become in western society. In addition, the author goes over his experience as a baseball player and why ball players tend to be superstitious and why practical jokes are a big part of the baseball culture. Further, this article will help with answering question about this cultures rituals and beliefs as the author himself participated in the culture. The article goes will help with learning more about the language and vernacular used by baseball players. Finally, the article will also provide information on the social structure that baseball has. Rossi, John P. “Baseball and American History.” Pennsylvania Legacies, vol. 7, no. 1, 2007, pp. 36–37. JSTOR, JSTOR, This article goes over the parallel correlation between the sport of baseball and American History. The article addresses how social issues were reflected in baseball. For instance, the article goes over the influx of Irish and Germans in the 1840’s fleeing economical and political trouble adopted baseball as their pastime. The article will help with answering the question on why so many individuals have chosen baseball as their hobby. In addition, the article will serve to obtain information about the cultures motivations to continues to participate
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