Examples Of Beatty In Fahrenheit 451

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Beatty, a manipulative fire captain, seized an opportunity for power and did whatever he could to retain possession. In the book, Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, there was evidence that Beatty was persuading and terrorizing his fellow firemen and society because of the power in his hands. Although, he was educated by reading books, Beatty was not justified for hiding the truth about censorship because he kept society from thinking. He used his power for evil rather than good and sent fear throughout society. He is just as guilty as Montag because he read books as well and hid information that was very valid to the knowledge of the people of the society. There is little evidence for the fact that Beatty hid the truth about censorship in hiding books, but with what evidence is relevant, Beatty will be proven guilty for his obstruct actions. Furthermore, the captain kept society from thinking with the help of the government, which didn’t provide the time for thought because it caused many distractions for the people. TV shows were brief and cars were being driven out of control, while no consequences were being thought of. The government didn’t know how they were being played by the powerful Beatty. He not only had men at his fingertips to burn down houses to diffuse fear from books, but he had control over the government as well. People in this area were constantly busy with racing cars down roads and not even thinking about the consequences of their actions until
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