Behavior Modification

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Step Three: Designing your Own Research
This survey is called “Behaviour Modification.” Its goal is to find out how individuals correspond and accept the changes of behaviour whether in families or in society . Through this, my aim is to find out how many people view changes in behaviour negatively and why. Furthermore, the survey will provide us with details with how much knowledge the society holds about the modification of behaviour and the differences between positive and negative influences. I also aim to find out how many people actually know when and why it is okay to modify their our anyone else's behaviour. Students from the ages of 14-25 will be surveyed. These results will be included in the final report.
Step Four: Final Report
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By indulging in negative behaviours, it can effect the young of the society or influence others to join in. This can create a chain of actions in the community which can ruin the safety, and liveness of the place. However, by indulging in positive actions and manners, it can help create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone in the society instead of only fulfilling the expectations of some people. This means by following the rules or even accepting the traditional aspects of society and portraying them happily. An example of this can be smiling to everyone passing by. Behaviours portrayed in front of children can affect their comprehension of it as they do not know right from wrong. Showing rude behaviour or harmful punishments towards children can affect their comprehension of abuse which can seen as right to them. This will then affect the generations coming because they start to believe violence is the answer to everything wrong. What we learn from a young age is what we continue to do in our mature life. This theory is highly appropriate in this study because I believe it is true. Everything taught to be from a young age has been installed into my mind and it is stuck there, which includes; washing hands before eating, eat with right hand, don’t take something from anyone without permission and respect my parents. These behaviors are most likely taught…show more content…
Behaviour provides evidence of a person’s impression on others. When a person's behaviour is negative, many people choose to avoid them which brings them down to the “do not talk to” list. This affects the surrounding society as children and teenagers tend to learn from elders, even if the action is wrong. Once a behaviour occurs in front of them, they try to reenact which further creates larger negative behaviours in the society. Furthermore, when positive behaviours occur in a society, others watch, learn and reenact. This can create a stronger relationship between people and intensify social grounds of the community because no one has a problem with
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