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Villanova Essay
Prompt Number 2

When I day-dream I dream of being a golfer on the PGA Tour. I spend countless hours a week practicing and becoming better at golf with the goal of becoming the number one golfer in the world and becoming the greatest golfer of all time. I absolutely love the competition that golf presents and love that it’s truly a game of hard work. “Natural talent” has very little correlation, physically, to golf so it's very much a game where the amount of work you put in correlates to how much you succeed. I dream of playing out on tour week in and week out I dream of coming down the stretch of tournaments and making clutch putts to win. I dream of breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors and Sam Snead’s record of 82 PGA Tour wins. All the while I realize that none of this
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I also know that my days on the PGA Tour won’t last forever. After I’ve finished my golfing career I plan on dedicating the rest of my life, until retirement, to my country. While I would prefer to serve in the military, my age would put too many others at risk in the field so I would love to work for a government intelligence agency or in politics. This is where my interest in international relations comes from. My love for this country exceeds that of golf, and living in America has been and will always continue to be a privilege. I would like to help millions of others enjoy this privilege for generations to come. After my time on tour I will work in some sort of defense agency to help keep Americans safe. I want to help America continue to be the superpower it currently is and take advantage of every opportunity presented to itself. Whether this means dealing with foreign nations or domestic crime I want to help my country in the best way I possibly can. This can all be possible for me, tour life and a career in the government, but only with dedication and hard work. I hope that in my time Villanova I will be able to come a few steps

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