Examples Of Being Accused In The Crucible

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Young ones are seen more as pure and innocent often leading adults to believe them. In The Crucible, the children accused many civilians of being witches. The weighty magistrates and other adults accounted the children’s words and took it to court. Accused and some of who were not accused rational adults tried to make sense of the situation were ignored. The children were trusted due to religion and some benefitting from their accusation.
Given the time the play took place, religion was a strong factor. Everyone was a puritan, and the government was based on theocracy. They believed in supernatural beings such as witches and the devil. Therefore, there were exorcists such as Reverend Hale to expel these beasts. Also, Reverend Parris had an absurd proof. “….That my daughter and my niece were dancing in the woods.” (9) Parris witnessed the girls dancing naked in the woods. Dancing was regarded as a demonic activity and no Puritan had ever done so. Not only that, Abigail drank a potion and Ruth was summoning her death siblings. Most evidently, Reverend Parris’s daughter, Betty, was in coma and wouldn’t wake up no matter what. These events influenced
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For example, Goody Putnam bored 9 children. All died, but one survived. “I take it on my soul, but who else may surely tell us what person murdered my babies?” (26) Though there may be other explanations, she finds it better to blame it on witchcraft. She was strongly jealous of Rebecca Nurse who had never lost a child. Goody Putnam insisted that Nurse murdered all her babies. Putnam wanted revenge on Nurse for getting the things she was not able to obtain. In addition, Deputy Governor Danforth desired to continue be well respected. He wouldn’t listen to the wise adults’ explanation. If he does so, he would have to dismiss the charges and the people would be outraged because he had sign off many executions. It was better for him keep the act up and save his
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