Examples Of Being An American

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Have you ever thought of the American Dream? The American Dream is a statement that gives people hope for a better life such as immigrants from other countries who have horrible life styles and they come to America to be an American. Being American is having love for his or her country regardless of your race by living the American Dream of hard work and a good life. Patrotism is the idea of a person who defends and fights for their country. Some examples are people who fight in their military becaue they fight to keep our country safe from outside invaders who want to take away our freedom and rights. Another one would be people who show absolute love and loyalty to their country. According to John Mckain him and his friend Mike Christian was a prisoner at war held captive in veitnam. Christian sewed the American Flag on the inside of his jacket.”We would hang the flag and sing the Pledge of Alleigance every morning” This shows true patriotism because the American Flag gave them hope and kept the going in their hard times.…show more content…
This relates to being American because almost everyone has faced hardships and giving is not an option if you work hard and give it your all you will be happy and thatb is america. An example of this is from Whalt Whitmans poem i hear merican singing he says “ each singing what belongs to him or her and to no one else.” this shows that if you work hard for something you want you can have it and will belong only to
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