What Stops People From Being Heroes Essay

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What Stops People from Being Heroes? If anyone can be a hero, then why isn't the world full of heroes? Who wouldn't want to be a hero? I don’t disagree with the theme, but truthfully I think that although everyone has the potential to be a hero, heroes are a rare and unique minority. Not everyone can be a hero, if this was false the word hero would hold little meaning, a hero is something special, something out of the ordinary. But back to my original question, why isn't everyone a hero? This leads to my topic, which is about what stops people from being heroes, which includes our moral choices, circumstances and ability to sacrifice. Specifically, I want to discuss what makes a hero, but more importantly why most people are unable to become heroes. The first thing which I believe makes a hero and at the same time destroys potential heroes is the simple fact that heroes consistently choose to be good, and through their goodness they inspire others to become better. But here's the problem which limits most people, choice. We have the ability to choose if we want to be good or evil, but in reality, the majority of us choose neither, we choose to be mediocre, not evil, but not good. As well, because being moral requires effort it’s much easier…show more content…
Sacrificing time, safety, life, and many more things for the sake of something bigger than one person, such as morals and others. Sacrifice I believe is the epitome of heroes, the defining feature of the heroic minority. But sacrifice is an easy word to say but hard to put into action, because sacrifice is hard to achieve in a world where prioritizing yourself is always the most important thing. I'm not saying people are extremely selfish but we aren't very selfless. Altogether sacrifice is something I'm sure all heroes share, but is something which separates heroes from average
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