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Staring at a blank screen will never solve anything. It would just be easier to be buried under a hole and die, but then again that’s not what it means to be persistent. Nope, to best explain the word persistent is to show it by finishing this struggle of an essay and proving that even if it’s a pain then it can be done. If that’s finished then surely the point will be made clear. Being persistent is the key to properly completing this essay.
Anyway, the word persistent in the common mind centers around getting through a struggle. These struggles can greatly range from writing an assignment to making sure there’s still a home to go home to. In the grand scheme of things society is a huge sucker for stories where people survived tragic times.
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Two individuals get into a disagreement over which flavor from Fruit Loops tastes the best. Either way both of the ding dongs are wrong, because all the Fruit Loops have the same flavor, but for them it’s about the argument that’s presented which proves who is correct. To keep consistency let’s say person one is arguing person two. Person one is putting up a strong argument while person two is having difficulties creating a rebuttal. Despite person two being destined to lose they keep dragging the argument out for any and no reason. What person two is doing is being persistent in the regards of continuing to fight against the obstacle (in this case person one is the obstacle). Person two could easily give us their side of the argument about the best Fruit Loop flavor, yet they keep going on perhaps in hopes of finding a hole in person one’s argument about the best Fruit Loop flavor. This type of persistence is more commonly seen as the majority of society has some sort of obstacle to overcome. More common examples can be getting to a destination on time even though there’s traffic, figuring out how to watch a beloved show when there’s 50,000 things to do, or getting past writers block to finish an essay on time. If more people were more persistent in this aspect then more problems would be solved, yet winning debates would become far more difficult. It’s difficult enough to win an argument against someone who…show more content…
Having a persistent trait can influence an aspect of humans that was the origin point of this essay: curiosity. Ah yes, the need for curiosity fuels many things, however the focus of curiosity ties together with being persistent. The easiest way to be curious is to have questions and with the first question comes many questions which creates an endless cycle. An essay example of this comes from trying to figure out the perfect word to define. “Consider your values…What characteristic do you embody that you value the most?” This question specifically creates a dilemma to figure out what works best. Questions came and went such as “What word is really accurate?”, “How can an essay be made out of this word?”, “Will it really fit 3-5 pages?”, “What is there to say to best explain it?” Trails of questions such as those continued for days on end. To end it there had to be a reason for one word to stick out more than another. The reason behind the word persistent was for the question that the prompt was. There’s no end to discovering who someone is, what one word best defines an individual, it’s always a discovery so for one person to truly figure out that singular word to describe them it’s through being persistent and not quitting the process of rediscovery. Over time that single word may change, ten years from now this

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