Examples Of Being Platform Stereotypes

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The concept of being platform agnostic, meaning having no preference for where we access our media content.(Pg. 41) An example of being platform agnostic, is when streaming different shows or movies, we have a variety of options that have very few different factors. So at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where we watch it as long as we have the instant gratification. I never quite considered being platform agnostic, I didn’t realize that there was a word for it. When I think about it though it is extremely relevant, I feel that sometimes we can be so eager to get what we want instantly that it doesn’t matter where we watch our shows as long as we watch them. If there is a factor in where we watch our content it’s probably the quality of the content. Another determining factor is that it’s giving the audiences more power to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it.…show more content…
31) We have an abundance of different platforms. You have the option of watching a movie from the comfort of your own living room through your smart tv, in a movie theater on the big screen, from your car at the drive in, or even on a big blank sheet in a cemetery (Hollywood Forever Cemetery). Different platforms allow for different people to access media in whichever way they would like to or feel more comfortable doing so. The prices vary for all of those options as well as people who are aware of all of those options. I would assume it would vary on location as well as the book states on media literacy (Pg. 31) I would assume that those who are media literate would have access and know where to look for different

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