Examples Of Betrayal In Hamlet

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Hamlet We all have motivations behind the things we do, the things we say and the way we act. For example, getting up in the morning to get changed and ready for learning at school. William Shakespeare 's play Hamlet is about a young Prince of Denmark whose father died, he then finds out later that his Uncle Claudius murdered the Old King Hamlet. Hamlet’s father’s ghost appeared in the room and convinced him to murder his Uncle Claudius for poisoning him. Shakespeare wanted people to understand that revenge is not the answer to our problems and not to betray others because they lead to tragedy. These issues still happen in this world today which makes readers and writers engaged with the story and characters because we can relate to it. Revenge…show more content…
Hamlet was left to feel like he was Betrayed when he found out that his Uncle murdered his father, In the quote “Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast, With witchcraft of his wit, with traitorous gifts- So to seduce!- won to his shameful lust The will of my most seeming- virtuous queen.” the techniques used in this quote was “Won to his shameful lust The will of my most seeming- virtuous queen.” This metaphor shows that Claudius desired to be King and so he manipulated Queen Gertrude to marry him. This is one of the motivations that Claudius had for killing King Hamlet. Hamlet was also betrayed by not just his Uncle Claudius but his friends Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. They were spying on him and ordered to kill Hamlet by Claudius until Hamlet found out what they were trying to do, and was smart enough to know what was going on. Hamlet acted fast and ended up getting revenge on his friends which sentenced them to death. The play Hamlet is trying to tell us readers and writers that Betraying others is wrong and to never turn your back on your friends or family. Otherwise they will get revenge on you and will make you regret
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