Examples Of Betrayal In Romeo And Juliet

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Nothing is worse than being betrayed by the person that was strongly trusted or loved. Betraying someone that was strongly trusted or loved, can cause the bad choices to lead to bad situations. In William Shakespeare's famous " Romeo& Juliet", there were betrayals that were caused from all different situations and people. Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" shows how betrayal could cause the same person to be betrayed in the end. In this situation Paris, Capulet, and Juliet were all betrayed by someone. Being betrayed by the person you loved could be the hardest emotion to handle, Paris was betrayed from his love, Juliet. Paris was betrayed from Juliet by accepting the marriage and attempting suicide on the day of marriage. In the…show more content…
Nurse knew that Romeo and Juliet were married and that Friar Lawrence had got them two married together when he knew it wasn't a good choice. Secondly, Friar Lawrence tells Juliet that Romeo will know about her "fake death." Friar tells Juliet "hold, get you gone. Be strong and prosperous in this resolve. I'll send a Friar with speed to Mantua with my letters to thy lord"(4.1.123-126). When Friar is telling Juliet he says for her to be strong and that Romeo will know about the "fake death" that is planned. With Karunakaran 4 everything planned, nothing had worked out as well as in the end Romeo and Juliet had passed away. For how many people Juliet had betrayed, it had caused her to make a decision and make her lose her life. In conclusion, when it is easy to betray someone and hurt them, the exact person that betrayed someone can be betrayed in the end. It was Juliet who betrayed Paris and Capulet which lead Juliet to be betrayed in the end as well. Everyone trusted and loved each other but the betrayal caused to break that. Paris and Capulet had been betrayed with the wedding, where Juliet had was betrayed with the wedding. As betrayal causes a person to be heart-broken it can be too late to save the person that betrayed someone from being betrayed in the
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