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A worldview is a particular philosophy or conception an individual develops during one’s lifespan. A biblical worldview is beliefs and principles that are constructed from a biblical framework that help Christians navigate through a life of sin and should be integrated into the many facets of one's life, including personal and professional settings. Christians who attempt to separate their biblical worldview from different aspects of their life may struggle to hold firm in their Christian beliefs. The Bible says in James, “Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do” (James, 1:8, New International Version). As an educator, I have a responsibility to influence young people positively. It is my job to prepare students
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Graham (2009), reiterates Popes requirements of knowledge of the bible and establishes a framework for a biblical worldview that should be built around the doctrines of creation, fall, and redemption. The doctrine of creation understands that God is the master creator of everything and is the ruler of his creations. God purposefully created man to live in this world and worship his glory. The fall is the belief that through an act of disobedience, humanity was forever tainted with sin. This forces us to continually seek him with our own accord to strengthen our relationship with God, because our purpose for creation is to worship him, and sin is a reminder for which Graham articulated, “that we cannot live without a god, even if it is a god of our own making” (Graham, 2009, 29). After the fall comes redemption, redemption is the doctrine that shows how merciful God is towards his sinful creations. God, through his mercy, provides his son Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice to redeem and cleanse the sin of his worshipers. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ allows anyone that accepts Christ as the one true Lord and Savior may enter into the kingdom of God and live eternally without any pain or sorrow. Through these doctrines, Christian’s can stand firm in their beliefs and…show more content…
“The Christian teacher looks upon the child as a distinctive creature, made after the image of God Himself, and given an important place in the divine scheme of things” (Beer, Jaarsma, 2000, 5). As stated earlier many Christian educators that teach public school belief that you can’t have a biblical worldview within your classroom. We must not forget that we serve God first and that spreading the gospel is our duty. However, we can also do it in subtle ways that keep us from disciplinary actions. I am not suggesting revolting or secretive ways, But I believe witnessing through action is just as important as witnessing through professing one’s belief. In Matthew 5:16, it states, “in the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16, NIV). Christian educator’s classroom should embody principles that are reflective of a Christian worldview to implement a biblical worldview to support a Christian philosophy in education in a practical application. We must instill themes like love, wholeness, and responsibility of knowledge. Graham states, “biblical teachings concerning love, wholeness, and responsibility, as well as our experience of them in Christ, must be brought to bear on our studies and research” (Graham, 2009, 24). Teaching is more than just teaching
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