Examples Of Bildungsroman In The House On Mango Street

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2. A novel that is defined as bildungsroman, is a coming of age novel or deals with a character’s formative years. Two novels that are considered a bildungsroman are ...Y No Se Lo Trago La Tierra and The House On Mango Street. In ...Y No Se Lo Trago La Tierra one of the narrator is a young boy that is in a changing life and the negativity him and his family face be Mexican-American. With his mother, who is a religious woman, constantly reassuring that God will reward them in the end, he begins to question God, “For a second he saw the earth opening up to devour him. Then he felt his footsteps against the earth, more solid than ever. Then his anger swelled up again and he vented it by cursing God” (105). He later looks to the earth stating, “Not yet, you can’t sallow me yet.…show more content…
But I’ll never know it” (105). At this time in his life he makes his own assumption that rather than the idea that God will punish him or to reward him when the time comes, but there will be no warning or religious explanation when the earth will devour him. In The House on Mango Street tells the story of Esperanza Cordero and the journey she takes to finding herself. She encounters many other characters’ stories which can be used as morals, and more obvious with the physically broken house she grows up in. Both the stories and the house motivate her to discover herself. At the end of the novel two quotes correspond to the stories and the house. Esperanza writes about the house, or she, stating, “One day I will say goodbye to Mango. I am to strong for her to keep me her forever”
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