Birth Order Effect Essay

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The Birth Order Effect Many scientists and psychologists believe that the chronological order of births in a family can influence each person’s personality, due to the environment they are raised in. The birth order theory divides the children in the family as being first born, the middle child, last born, and an only child, and each of these categories has many character traits established. For example, middle children are usually considered to be good negotiators because they have dealt with the oldest and youngest siblings fighting all of their life. This study also has its exceptions. If a person is not the first born in a family, but that person is the first girl, she may have characteristics of a first born child, and that’s an example…show more content…
To stay motivated I like to set very high goals for myself, and all of my objectives are more than what I need to achieve. For example, I have a current goal of being on the President’s Honor Roll, and to achieve that, I need to maintain all A grades in the semester. Dancing is another example of how I can be an overachiever. Ever since I first started ballet, I have always studied through the Royal Academy of Dance methods, and at the end of every year, a dance instructor from London would come to Brazil to evaluate each student, and give us a grade that would decide if we can move on to the next level. On evaluation day, all of the students had to wear matching black leotards, and perform the same combos and skills. We started getting ready for these tests in the beginning of the year, so we had time to learn our routines, but the dances we needed to learn can also be found on youtube. As an overachiever, I would always work outside my ballet classes with the videos, so by February, I would already be prepared for my examination that wouldn’t happen until December. Being an overachiever is a positive quality of being the oldest child because it helps us avoid procrastination, but at the same time, all this dedication can be very
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