Examples Of Bob Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The African American community is more respected than Bob Ewell’s family because they are simply sick people. The Ewells are thought to be the worst “white” family. Bob is an alcoholic and he abuses of his children. They are thought be only be better than blacks because of their skin color. The Ewells live in a black neighborhood and they're know as the scum of Maycomb. With the mother of the Family dead Mayella is force to be like a mother to her sibling and she does all the work around the house and outside of it. They deceived the whole community by saying Tom “took advantage” of Mayella. Mayella as innocent as she is which is stated by Atticus in his defense cannot be forgiven for taking advantage of her skin color against Tom. Mayella like her father is uneducated and has no power at home so some power over Tom made her feel good …show more content…

Atticus embarrassed Bob so badly Bob said he was going to get him and spat in his face. Atticus mentioned that Bob was the one who raped Mayella maybe not that day, but it happened. Atticus might not have said it directly, but the Judge and Bob picked up on the fact that Atticus was pointing out that Bob was the man who should’ve been on trial, not Tom. Tom was taken advantage of and people knew it. There was no reason for Bob to get mad a t a “false statement if it wasn't true. Bo knew what he did to his children, people knew, but they were scared. Bob was crazy he tried to kill Atticus children. Only a crazy man goes after children. It was convenient that Boo saved them, but what if he hadn't and Bob succeeded? People are scared of Bob and of what he could do. Bob to some people was crazy. He technically forced Tom to death and left his Children scared. Only crazy people do these things said Atticus. Atticus of all people who looks for the best in everyone had no respect for him. This could not be a coincidence. If Atticus didn't care for him who

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