Examples Of Borton Model Of Reflection

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1.Reflection is a common way for oneself to think and study about own experience and think how to improve on work or change the perspective on how oneself think about something. 2.Critical thoughts process often divided into three stages. First stage is normally trigger by uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. This may due to one realisation that their knowledge they possess at that moment is unable to fully explain in details on certain situation and often this may led to one feeling unsatisfied. Second stage is important that one develop a positive feeling over what happen and analysis what happen and think of ways to improve on it. Third stage is whereby oneself need to develop new sets of thinking and perception on how to deal with the same situation in the future. 3.Borton Model of reflection is very simple and often being used for the beginning of reflection practice. This model emphasis on three simple questions," what? So what? Now what? " to be reflected on the experience or activity to be carried out. Jasper (2003) Endorses the use of this model by novice practitioners and students as this model allows novices to reflect in the “real world of practice” (Jasper 2003, p99), therefore allowing novices to be analytical of their developing practice. Atkins and Murphy’s model of reflection is more detailed than borton Model of reflection; it emphasizes the skills used in the reflective process which include self-awareness, critical analysis and evaluation. Personally, I

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