Racial Boundaries In The Kite Runner

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Do you ever wonder how boundaries define us? Can it be evident in a book? Are there any real life examples? After reading the book, “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, the author focused on showing others how boundaries can define others. Through the characters Amir, Hassan, and multiple characters, the authors show that through educational, cultural, and racial boundaries people can be affected. Khaled Hosseini uses three boundaries to communicate how boundaries can define us. Through the authors usage of racial boundaries, it was proven that racial boundaries can define us. After reading the book, through Amir and Hassan it was proven how. In chapter five, Amir is afraid to admit that Hassan is his friend after Assef bullies Hassan about being a Hazara. This is an example of racial boundaries because in this time period, being a Hazara is Afghanistan is not accepted, they will treat you more like a servant then a human being, they do not see whats on the inside, it is only how you look like on the outside that matters. In the article…show more content…
Khaled Hosseini, author of “The Kite Runner” and author of the multiple resources uses educational, cultural, and racial boundaries to help their audience realize how boundaries can define others. Throughout this book, Amir and Hassan 's life was very different, the two characters from different cultures showed from their perspective how boundaries affect them during the Afghan War. With the multiple resources, the was used in this passage, it stated real-life examples in not only in developing countries but, it can happen in devolved countries too. This helps the audience relate to the outside world because we do not share the same culture around the world, boundaries give people identities it may unify or break us apart. After reading this story, I was left with one question, is there one country in the world that is not affected by these
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