Examples Of Brainwashing In The Last Night Of The World

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Brainwashing During the Cold War as Shown in The Last Night of the World

Brainwashing is a terrible and powerful thing. In Ray Bradbury’s short story, The Last Night of the World, the usage of brainwashing allowed the Soviet Union to alert Americans that it was the last night of the world. There is a wide array of evidence of this, including all of the characters having the same dream and acting calm and at peace with the idea of the world ending- despite losing their loved ones.
The Last Night of The World was published and takes place in the 1950s. During this time, The United States and the Soviet Union were locked in diplomatic tensions. This tension was called the Cold War. As PHD Candidate in political science at the University of Antwerp in Belgium Maarten van Alstein stated, the actual origins of the war is controversial, as there is no one reason as to why the war began. The Allies from World War Two were concerned with the harsh dictatorship of Joseph Stalin as well as the spread of communism. Soon, the two nations were in a nuclear arms race, filled with spies and brainwashing. There was a global fear the a nuclear war would erupt at any moment. These tensions were highlighted in 1959 when the Soviets stored nuclear missiles in Cuba, which had recently become a communist country. As the JFK Library stated, the United States feared that an attack was imminent, and “the last night of the world” could be any day. In response,
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