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BREAKDOWN MAINTENANCE INTRODUCTION Breakdown maintenance is a maintenance that performed on equipment has broken down and unusable. Breakdown maintenance are the maximization of the effectiveness of all critical plant systems, the elimination of breakdowns, the elimination of unnecessary repair, and the reduction of the deviations from optimum operating conditions .It may be either planned or it can be unplanned. An example of planned maintenance is divide into two on schedule and unscheduled: Schedule Activities that are planned to the maintenance tasks and their timing for example every 6 months or other else. This style of planned maintenance is more efficient than unplanned maintenance because the things can be change early before breakdown.…show more content…
Contrasted with preventive maintenance. When the corrective maintenance is done, the equipment should be inspected to identify the reason for the failure and to allow action to be taken to eliminate or reduce the similar failures Reactive maintenance Reactive maintenance are repairs that are done when equipment has already broken down. Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring or repairing the equipment to its normal operating condition. The broken down equipment is returned to working within service specifications by replacing or repairing faulty parts and components. Emergency repairs cost 3 to 9 times more than planned repairs, so maintenance plans that rely on reactive maintenance are generally the most expensive. Advantages of reactive maintenance 1. Lower initial costs – As your systems are new, they require little maintenance so you save on parts 2. Requires fewer staff – Complex repairs tend to be outsourced reducing the need for internal staff. 3. No planning needed – Technicians repair equipment when it fails. As fails are unpredictable, no time is spent planning the…show more content…
Breakdown maintenance always the most urgent scene and also one of the most expensive type of maintenance. The high costs of breakdown maintenance are the result of the inefficient use of time by the maintenance crew. This time comes with an opportunity cost because the maintenance crew could often be doing more productive tasks. Time is needed to be alerted and attend a breakdown. Time is needed to diagnose the problem. More time is required to source required parts and tools. There is also the cost of lost production for a factory or a loss of confidence in the facility maintenance

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