Examples Of Breaking Social Norms

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Recently I completed this homework assignment by wearing a sports jacket and kaki pants to a business professional event where the preferred dress is to wear a suit. I know that this may not be one of the most daring social norms to break such as being loud in the library or walking through the drive through but that is the social norm that I chose to break. As I broke this social norm of wearing business casual at a business professional event I could see other people staring at me like I was out of place or did not belong at the event. No one said anything directly to me about not being dressed properly but the nonverbal communication was enough to get the point across to me. As I broke this social norm I felt out of place due to the lack of coherence with the other people who were attending. This feeling of being out of place lead me to be uncomfortable and also consider the fact that I really needed to buy a suit.…show more content…
This is especially true in the business (my degree) world where people take you seriously based on what you are wearing in most cases. You wouldn’t want to by a major purchase or invest in a product from someone wearing sweatpants and a plain t-shirt would you? When everyone is dressed on the same scale it promotes unity and the feeling of being related. The army makes all of their people dress the same and have similar piercings so that they will all work towards the greater good of the unit. In a since being dressed the right way for whatever event helps you feel like you are in place. I do not believe that much would happen to me if I violated the social appropriate dress norm in other coulters since I am a man. If I were a women on the other hand much worse could happen especially in countries that have sharia law. In that case you could be put in prison or worse for breaking dress

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