Examples Of Bullying In Macbeth

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Devine Brown Ms.Nelson English 7 February 2017 Big Bully Macbeth In this essay I will be talking about how Macbeth is a bully or has bullying ways. You will learn the cycle of a bully and how Macbeth used his power against others. My thesis is that Macbeth is the imitation of an action. When Macbeth became Thane of Cawdor, his wife, Lady Macbeth, was very delighted to hear of such news.Hearing that the witches went to visit Macbeth.The witches saw Macbeth as King they used every thing to thrust him into power. Lady Macbeth certainly had the upper hand over her weak husband she found it easy to manipulate him into murder and then getting him to think it was his idea. Many ways …show more content…

His action in taking the life of the king is an abuse of his power as host and subject, and he pays with his life and his sanity. The courageous soldier a dead butcher. Macbeth also had fear of Banquo he thought he would take his power. Killing others is Macbeth form of bullying using physical force.Macbeth’s desire for control stimulates his violent behavior. In the play you are able to see that Macbeth has low moral standards.He chooses power and fame over honesty.This portrays how he has allowed his ambition to control him while ignoring the quality of being virtuous and ignoring his immense guilt in committing a murder.He attempted to hide his darkness from the world so that other people would continue to see him as a man that is worthy of honour. However, after Macbeth murders Duncan in act two, scene two, he says I am scared to think what I have done. Look on it again I dare not.” I think he means he is afraid of fear what he has done and don't want to look back or do it again. Macbeth had great ambition and wished to stand well with the world. He had absolutely no feelings for others and he only cared about what others would think of him. The witches' prophecies only encouraged this ambition to be king.Macbeth is the imitation of an

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