Examples Of Bumblebee's Epic Journey

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Her Epic Journey There was a girl named Bumblebee that always fights for her kingdom. She is average height, wears a lot of yellow. She wears a yellow top, shorts, and shoes. Bumblebee has a lot of enemies that says that she doesn’t have the power to own her own kingdom and fight for her kingdom. She always goes to battle for her life and her friends. She has a lot of things that she juggles for when she is the leader of her castle. Her castle is the only one that has a gold flag that she got from her battle when she was a teen, she won without anyone’s help. Her friends call her bumble when she is in a good mood but she can get angry pretty fast. When she goes to battle,she wears a uniform that has stripes on the sleeves and stars in the interior of it. Her castle…show more content…
When she saved the people from the flood, she got completely wet and she was swept away with the wind. When she was found by the Guards from the city that she is from, she was not breathing. She had to be taken to a mini hospital to get some fluids in her systems.When she finally came to, she asked where she was. She got worried on where that mini hospital was located. After she was back on her feet,the doctor at the hospital said that she needed to be on bedrest for a week. After she got better, she got back on her mission to save the people from the bad flood that happened in the next city over. Bumblebee thought to herself. She said “I don’t want to get swept away by the naughty flood water. She had a interesting thought that she didn’t want to see out loud because there were other people around her. She kept the thought to herself and say it when she is walking home from the city that she saves people from the flood. She feels like she is the epic hero that saves people in the bad flood that happened overnight. She has the power to get angry and do something that she won’t do in any way. She has the second mission done
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