Examples Of Bunker Mentality

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A Bunker Mentality Can Be Deadly Bunker Mentality: A state of mind whereby one believes that one is being constantly attacked, oppressed, or isolated, also known as a siege mentality. You may find, however, that most people do not care unless you give them a reason to care. As a Prepper, you really do not want to give anyone a reason to care, and having a bunker mentality, or siege mentality if you will, gives people a reason to take a second look. We keep hearing about the so-called fake news out there, so we all have to be careful about where we get our information. To some people, fake news is not anything more than the news they do not agree with nor does it validate what they already believe. There is a difference, of course, between fake and facts, facts that you do not necessarily like or want to agree with, but this does not make it fake.…show more content…
Groupthink is not always productive thought. Mob mentality is dangerous sometimes because people will do and say things they would never dream of if they were alone. Crimes have been committed as a group, and everyone is as guilty as the one that actually committed the crime in some cases. Being around the same people day after day, people with the same gripes, political stripes and even of the same religion can lead to a bunker mentality. One person in the group feels slighted by something they have seen or heard and soon the entire group has become offended by something they have never experienced firsthand. It can get out of control
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