Examples Of Career Goals In Social Work

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The Profession of Social Work as a Career Goal Graduating from high school, I have always had a passion working with kids. I never put into thought exactly what I wanted to do with kids, all I knew was that I wanted to work with kids. At first, my career choice was to become a midwife. There were several complications down the road, in which I could no longer pursue that career choice. I had to re-evaluate myself, as well as my career, and that is when I came across social work. As a social worker, I was going to be able to work with kids in every different type of environment, as well as impact the kids which is what I always wanted to do. As a career goal in social work for the five years following graduation would be to work in an agency where I will be most needed and most productive. As a social worker, I not only want to help children I also want to make a difference in their lives, homes, and the system in general. I want to improve the CPS systems especially, because of work overload a lot of children are suffering. Eventually, I would like to open my own agency that will not only empower and/or encourage children to be there better self but will also secure them a future in life. An agency that is truly going to bring in positive and great results and would not consist of burnouts/work overload. Experience as a Student In undergraduate school, there were a lot of good moments, as well as struggling moments. There were times that I wanted to quit, but that was not

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