Accountant Career Goals

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My Career goal:
I would like to work as an accountant for a trade corporation in Singapore, then work as a certificated public accountant.
My Current Status:
• Currently enrolled and seeking my university’s degree;
• Have experience working as a petty cash accountant for three companies;
• I have basic knowledge of business law;
• Running the office with one other person and would like to have more of a challenge;
• Currently, I am limited on what I can do. Thinking outside the box or new ideas must be approved by management and are seldom addressed;
• My current training is just what is given by my supervisor at Monday morning meetings with the sales team;
• I find it necessary to pass a prospective client on to a sales person that speaks Spanish;
My strengths
• Very eager to lean;
• Reliable, always on time and available;
• Self-starter, with or without supervision;
• Excellent time management;
• Work is complete by deadline with accuracy;
• Ability to balance work and school;
• Great organizational skills;

• Ability to multi-task;
• I have been in charge of assessing and evaluating others’ work for accuracy;
• Successful in obtaining and analyzing market data critical for our communities to remain
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Based on all the reasons referenced here is why I want to stay in the field of real estate. However, my biggest concern currently and due to our rescission, has been the lack of quality and support in leadership and management. Management is currently exercising an autocratic style and performance is based on fear of job loss. Definitely implementing “Theory X” and to date, it is still imposed. It is for this reason; I would like to leave the new home industry and continue my real estate career in resale as owner and obtain a management roll. In order to acquire my own business, I must be well informed in many faucets of running an office and overseeing a number of
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