Computing Industry Opportunities

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2.0 Opportunities in computing industry 2.1 Individuals 2.1.1 Computing Career
In computing industry, a wide range of career opportunity is provided for an individual to choose. The job position available in computing industry are freelancer, data entry, programmer, customer service, engineer, electronic technician, networking technician, security expert and many more. Therefore, if an individual are interested or enter in computing industry, there are so many career opportunity that can be chosen.
Basically, anyone that wants to enter computing industry, they need to have the interest in certain area of computing. For example, an individual that wants to be a graphic designer need to be talented in design and creative. It is because this
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This can be achieved by an individual from using computer software. There are few types of computer software that can be used to enhance academic such as educational software, reference software, image editing software, and publishing software.
Basically, educational software could help an individual to gain a specific skill. For instance, the military or airlines use Computer-Based Training (CBT) simulations to train pilots to fly in various conditions and environments. Therefore, this kind of educational software can help in enhancing knowledge and experience. By this, an individual can success in academic more than before.
Other than that, an individual also can get extra knowledge or information by using reference software. Reference software can be classified as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and health or medical guide. By having this reference software online, an individual can do extra study and excel in the academic better.
Therefore, individual from pre-school to high school learners can use educational software to assist them with subjects such as reading and math or to prepare them for exams. It is because educational software teaches a particular skill. This is the opportunity that an individual can have from computing
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Lifelong learning means the process of learning and understanding about computer will never end. It is because computing industry keeps on upgrading and has a high quality features every day. Therefore, the learning in computing industry will never have an ending.
Computing industry is one of the fastest growing fields. It keeps on producing new hardware and software that can satisfy user requirement. For instance, to become a computer professional, one will never stop with just a college degree but will continue with certification, seminar, special classes to improve the knowledge and learning process. One needs to be updated with the latest development in computing industry to be able to compete with others.
Other than that, developer companies such as Microsoft and Apple will develop new ideas every day. Therefore, this has proven that the learning and research process to create new hardware and software is never end. Every day, user will demand for latest technology and more than that. Therefore, computing industry need to be able to produce a high technology gadget to compete with many developer

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