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There are about 18 different career choices in music. The career I chose is a singer/vocalist. A singer sings the main vocal line of a track. He or she is the main focus of the performance. Singers record albums of songs, promote tours for the albums. They spend their days in studio, on tour, and practicing vocal, instrumental or dance skills.
Advancement in this career means making more money and performing in front of bigger crowds, so basically progressing from having a small local following to becoming a star. Even Grammy winners start small. Singers can play their local club circuit, perform on cruise ships, and hold residence at lounges or clubs. It’s an extremely competitive field, but there are opportunities for the singer to find work, and to get his or her name out there to attract possible management or labels. Education and training
- University/college requirements for acceptance into the programme
- Further education is really needed for singing career, although it can lead to better opportunities through training and networking and vocal performance majors are available at many colleges.
Of course, music education is essential. Not every singer has taken years of voice lessons, but to further a cancer, make one’s voice stand out, and to keep vocal abilities strong, lesson is a must.
Experience and skills
Experience performing and writing one’s own

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