Examples Of Cartoons And Animated Movies For Adults

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Cartoons and Animated Movies for Adults

Since childhood, kids are introduced to cartoons and animated movies as an entertainment on television. And one thing for sure is that no child can actually resist them, as the children grow up, some outgrow the need to watch cartoons and some don’t.
So for the adults who demand cartoons are introduced to adult cartoons which not just entertain them but it also caters the adults sense of humor. If the adults now go and look back at children cartoons they grew up watching, they can see that there were some points at which their childhood cartoon character did something which isn’t meant for a young mind, following are some examples;
Showed in the picture above is a snapshot from the show Edd, Ed & Eddy as you can see Edd has a collection of a few magazines which are not for kids below a certain age, this picture tells us how even kids cartoons have some adult references
Another adult reference in the show “Johnny Bravo” where a sexual reference is given by a girl being blindfolded in a children’s game
This here is something that everyone will get, Rugrats which is only for young kids, Grandpa tells the kids that he’s going to watch something, after they fall asleep. This refers to an adult movie.

Even if these shows are something that the adults would like to watch as well, the story base isn’t that grownup itself. That is why adults want something that can cater their level of humor.
That is where many new cartoons and animations

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