Essay On White Supremacy

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The historical oppression of different groups of people, which was enforced through the ideology of white-supremacy and capitalism, is responsible for the unequal realities irrespective of race and ethnicity. White-supremacy is defined as an ideology created by individuals in power, which is utilized to oppress several populations of people by defining them as “inferior”. White-supremacy is enforced through an ontological discourse of categorization. The ontological discourse of categorization is discussing the significance behind the existence of others, and categorizing them based on conclusion drawn from those discussions. Categorizing human beings makes it easier for the oppressor to divide and conquer because their divisive tactics attempt to disempower the minority while empowering the majority. Examples of ontological categorization towards Native-Americans and African Americans include describing these populations with words such as savages and the n-word. Adhering to the ignorance of white-supremacy provided the psychological foundation for ethnocide of African-American’s and Native Americans. Benjamin Franklin provides evidence as to how this word was utilized for dehumanization when he says, “Savages we call them…show more content…
Also, the unnecessary violence many colonizers displayed towards African-Americans was only a reflection of themselves. White colonizers dehumanized African’s because they did not want to view them as themselves and this is proven true in “The Hidden Origin of Slavery”: “Chain him, either chain him or expel his black shape from our midst, before we realize that he is ourselves”. White-supremacy dehumanized both populations making it easier to mistreat them. Capitalism provided the initial intent for dehumanization, and white-supremacy solidified the racial
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