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Abstract Cause – Related Marketing as part of corporate social responsibility, becomes an increasingly used by companies in the market. Some of the benefits of the cause related marketing campaigns is attracting new customers , increasing sales of products , or services creating positive brand image and raising funds for a social cause. And there are many companies followed this concept in there markets . The cause related marketing has an impact on consumers choices , so they prefer to by from them because they can meet there needs and help the community by paying the same price. What is Cause related marketing (CRM) ? And why companies follow this concept ?
Cause Related Marketing (CRM) : “is a type of corporate social responsibility in which a company promotional campaign has a dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society” . many companies employ cause related marketing strategies that link product sale to the support of a charity to create and maintain brand images .Companies that follow cause related marketing concept trying to attract consumers wanting to make a difference in society trough their purchasing. Barone, M. J., Norman, A. T., & Miyazaki, A. D. (2007). Journal of Retailing, 83(4), 437-445. The beginning of cause related marketing was in 1770’s when Bruce Burtch organized fundraisers between Mariiot corporation and the March of Dime . American Express’s support for the statue of Liberty was the most well-known

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