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Celebrity credibility This is a concept which defines a positive characteristic of the source leader to the acceptance of the message but the audience (Ohanian, 1991). Ohanian, proposed that there is a model which is three-dimensional which includes “Testimony”, Attractiveness” and “Reliability” of the source. Therefore, a credible celebrity is likely to have more effectiveness on the advertising campaign than that of one who is not that credible. This also proves that generally celebrities are considered a reliable and trustworthy source of information concerning the products he/she endorsing (Goldsmith, Laffery & Newell, 2000) making it even more essential for brands to carefully pick a celebrity which is in line with their advertising campaign…show more content…
Three factors in celebrity-source can manipulate the consumer behavior: physical attractiveness of the celebrity, likability and product involvement by the celebrity. In the factors that celebrity-source includes, physical attractiveness plays the major part in the study of consumer behavior. The consumer is largely positively affected by the attractiveness of the celebrity endorser because this leaves remembrance of the product and the brand in consumer’s conscious as well as subconscious mind. This somewhere also puts its impact on consumer’s intentions of purchase of the product. The whole process of attractiveness of the celebrity endorser is directly linked with the acceptance of the…show more content…
This theory refers to consumer’s behavior, when the consumer compares their self-image with the advertisement and the celebrity endorser. The more famous and attractive models in an advertisement conveys a greater image to the consumers in the sense of values and personality. The use of celebrity in advertisement provides a framework of reference and also points of comparison by which an individual evaluates the attitude in making a decision (kamins, 1990). The reappearing image of the celebrity endorser in social media further pushes the feeling of knowledge of this latter, which is also known as the concept of “remote intimacy”(theory given by Horton & Wohl in 1956). This congruence with the self-image, by certain brands, is also defined by the fact that celebrities plays a vital and role concerning the opinions to which consumer seeks to be

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