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Cell Biology Worksheet

Part I: Foundations of Cell Biology
Respond to the prompts in the tables below. Each response should be at least 30 words. Cite any references that you use.

Foundations of Chemisty in Biology

Prompt Your response
Describe an example of a chemical reaction that occurs in the body. A chemical reaction in the body that occurs is in increased metabolites with just about 10 minutes into exercise. If you consistenly exercise scientists believe there are long-term changes in your metabolism.

Plant Cells

Prompt Your response
Describe the primary structures in plant cells. The primary structures in plant cells are the nucleus, Nuclear Membrane, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Cell Wall, Plastids,
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Roles of each consist of the nucleus contain genetic material, which controls the actions of the cell, the cytoplasm is where the most chemical process happens and I controlled by enzymes. The Cell membrane controls the flow to and from the cell, the Mitochondria has the most energy released by respiration. In the Ribosomes protein synthesis occurs, and in the extra parts of the plant structure is functions like the cell wall, which strengthens it. The Chloroplasts contains chlorophyll, it absorbs the light for photosynthesis, and finally the permanent vacuole is filled with cell sap that helps keep the cell…show more content…
The roles are as follows for the bacterial cells, the structure flagella are the swimming movement of the cell, pili stabilizes the cells during DNA transfer, the capsules are used as protection for the cell when a method of killing or digestion is happening. The cell wall confers rigidity and the shape they have, the plasmic membranes are the barriers and the location for the enzyme systems which produces energy. The ribosomes like animal and plant is the factor for protein synthesis. The other functions like the Chromosomes and the plasmid make up the DNA of the cell.
Explain how bacteria cells make energy for cellular processes. Energy between the bacterial cells can be transformed from one another in a development called transduction. The chemical energy stored is called the glucose fuel, it allows the protons to move in and out of the cell. The cell has to waste its own energy and is produce in a similar way that fuel is transferred into a car engine to make it
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