Examples Of Censorship In A Dystopian Society

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The Hunger Games is a science fiction book about a dystopian society which holds annual killing games that results in only one victor. Panem, a futuristic nation in North America, is split into 12 districts, which has their own specialties. This society is hated by the people because of the Capitol (also known as the government) not enforcing sanitation rules and the many deaths of children from ages of twelve to eighteen in the “death games.” The president of Panem is President Snow who makes decisions that would only benefit himself and the upper class. In this book, there are many examples of censorship which makes the people angry because the government is hiding it from them. The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, should be preserved for future generations because it displays an example of a dystopian society in which the people hate their government, a nation with ineffective leaders, and people getting censored to valuable information. Most…show more content…
Information such as the 13th District (which supposedly “died” out during the war) and the people in the Capitol “living it well” is censored to the people to keep them from rebelling against the government. The government censored the information about the 13th District, which was the birthplace of the revolution that implemented the Hunger Games, because they don’t want another rebellion. Information about the Capitol is censored to the District people because they have as much wealth as the people in the Capitol does. The Capitol doesn’t have to give up children to the Hunger Games, which makes the games unfair. However, there is always someone who finds out that there is information being censored to the people. Katniss, the heroine, finds out the government has been hiding this information throughout the trilogy and is the leader of the
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