Examples Of Censorship In Brave New World

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One of the most important things in any society is freedom to express yourself and do what you want. In "Brave New World" this freedom is completely erased from society. People are conditioned to hate anything that is seen as obscene or unuseful (books, nature, marriage) and conditioned to enjoy their place in the caste system and anything that the government wants them to consume. If anyone shows signs of being antisocial or an outcast, they can be threatened and sent far away to an isolated place, like Bernard was when the D.H.C. wanted to send him to Iceland. In North Korea, people face the same kind of abuse. They live in a strict country with the highest level of censorship in the world where people can be executed just for criticizing the government. Just like in the book, the government tries to maintain an illusion of happiness when there 's nothing but cruelty and oppression. In "Brave New World", conditioning is the biggest form of censorship. "One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them."(Huxley, page ##) This quote shows that by conditioning all of society, no one can really be their own person and they just accept everything the way it is because there was never another way of thinking. You can find the same issue in North Korea, where people have propaganda forced into their daily lives and aren 't allowed to have any individuality. One way the World State uses propaganda in the book is with hypnopaedia. This can be compared to the
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