Examples Of Chaos In Ender's Game

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Destruction and chaos. In New York City, on July 13,1997, a blackout occurred. By the time the lights were back on, evidence of arsonists and looting was clearly visible, and there was about 300 million dollars worth of damages. After everything was back to normal, they found that 3,776 people were arrested, over 1,000 fires were reported, and over 1,600 stores were damaged. When given the chance, people can descend into chaos and make bad choices, even those that you would not expect to do so. In the Ender’s Game novel, immorality comes from both expected and unexpected places and in different forms. In Orson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game, humans contain an innate evil. The characterization of the characters in the novel display how people…show more content…
At Battle School the kids remain cut off from the people of Earth including their families which hardens them and makes them share their emotions less. When Ender gets to Battle School he goes through a series of mental and physical challenges that he should not have to go through but Graff forces him to. He also puts Ender against incredible uneven odds to make sure that Ender remains at a constant disadvantage. Ender continues to be purposely isolated during his stay there which makes it hard for him to make friends and feel like he belongs. Graff gives Ender a bad army to work with when he becomes commander, doesn’t let Ender practice with his friends anymore after a short time, gives him less time than anyone else to get his team prepared, and has him fight more battles in a short period of time than others. Graff pushes Ender to his limit a lot and Ender gets tired of getting manipulated sometimes and causes him to get angry: “Dink was right, they were the enemy, they loved nothing and cared for nothing and he was not going to do what they wanted, he was damn well not going to do anything for them, He had only one memory that was safe, one good thing, and those bastards had plowed it into him with the rest of the manure-”( 151-152). At the Battle School evil thrives in the environment and people’s villainous side comes out. In the novel, other settings have an evil environment too. While Ender has to deal with problems in the Battle School in space, Ender’s family deals with the war that's bound to come on Earth. War remains a threat throughout most of the novel on Earth. In the past, Earth had wars and finally came together when the buggars came. Peter figures out that war will come soon because he knows that once the buggars get taken care of, the countries will fight each other
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