Dead Poets Society Character Analysis

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Many of my character traits have drastically changed overtime. At first, I was lost. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, nor did I enjoy it. I did not even try to fight for my dreams and hopes. I just followed what others told me without thinking about what I really wanted. Thanks to the people I have encountered in my life, especially, my father and sister, all that has changed. Similarly, in the movie, Dead Poets Society, many of the students neither fought for what they believed in, nor tried to resist conformity. Being influenced by others, like Mr. Keating and Todd, many of the boys were reborn as completely different individuals. It is astounding what people can do to you. Mr. Keating knew that Welton Academy was a conservative school. Despite that, he still goes against tradition to try and make students think for themselves. He doesn’t want the students to just follow others blindly like a flock of birds with no personal thoughts or opinions. With Mr. Keating’s help, the students…show more content…
Keating did not just inspire the students to think for themselves, he also encouraged them to seize the day. Mr. Keating consistently reminds the students that although studying and working hard is important; they must not forget that they are members of the human race. They must not forget that things like beauty, romance, and love are what they really live for. Inspired by Mr. Keating, the students revive the Dead Poets Society. They went to a secret cave where they shared their secret dreams, hopes and poems that they have written. That is when they really start enjoying and living their lives. Similarly, my sister inspires me to live my life to the fullest. She is now studying medicine in a college in Germany with a completely foreign language that she has just learned one year ago. Despite the enormous amount of work on her shoulders, she always has a smile on her face. She focuses on her studies but simultaneously does not allow her studies to ruin her
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