Character Analysis: We The Animal By Justin Torres

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What stands out the most me to in We the Animal by Justin Torres is, the cycle of abuse that is going on and how it constantly affects the children. In this book the main character's father constantly beats their mother. One example is in the beginning of the chapter “Big Dick Truck,” the main character's father buys a truck. And the mother starts questions the father on why he would buy a truck when they have kids. She feels as though it wouldn't be safe. She starts to tell her husband that the truck doesn't have enough seat belts to keep the children safe. Also the truck doesn't even have enough room for the whole family to sit in. The father tries to defend himself but the mother keeps explaining to him that buying a truck is dumb. The father starts to get aggravated at the mother constantly questioning him. So he walks up to the mom and smacks her in the face in front of…show more content…
In the chapter “The Night I was Made” (Deep Night) The main character comes home and notices his family gathered around in front of the room. He sees his mother with her mascara running down her face. As he gets closer to her he notices his journal on his lap. The main character is in shock because in the journal the main character constantly write violent pornographic stories about him and other men. He drops to his knees and his vision blurred because he's so shocked that everyone knows about him and his fantasies. The main character has fantasies about being abused probably from watching his father abuse his mother. In his mind he believes that being forced into sexual encounters is normal. When you watch your family do something on a regular basis you start to believe that that's what you're supposed to do and that this is a normal way of thinking. Since he doesn't know this is wrong then he will continue the cycle on to his kids, like his father showed
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