Examples Of Chivalry In Excalibur

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Have you ever wondered if chivalry was still alive today? For those of you who don’t know what chivalry is, chivalry is the act of religion, moral, and social code. We all may have different opinions of whether not chivalry is still alive today and how we view it. In Excalibur there are more than 3 examples of chivalry, but in this essay, only three are going to be talked about. One example is when King Arthur decides to go fight lancelot instead of having his knights go for him. Another is when Arthur loses his brothers sword, finds another one, and gives it to his brother. The last example was when lancelot left and then came back to help his best friend fight. In the Excalibur movie that we watched in class there are several different examples of chivalry throughout the entire movie.…show more content…
The king only raised the Arthur from when he was little because of Merlin. Arthur has no idea that the King and the King’s real son are his biological father and brother until after he pulls a sword out of a stone. Arthur was helping his brother get ready for a joust and lost his brother sword in the process. When Arthur found out that the sword was missing he knew that he had to get his brother another one. Arthur was running through the woods and came across a sword in the stone called excalibur. Excalibur is the most powerful stone in the world and whoever pulls it out of the stone is the next King. Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone and the first thing he does is tries to hand it over to his brother so that he had a sword for his joust. Arthur is one of the most noble men in his
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