Examples Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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There are many ways to show that you are a strong and brave man. Jousting is a tournament that takes skill along with bravery and strength. Royalty from all around the world come to compete and see who is the best. Chivalry is still present in this day they show it through bravery, loyalty, and being humble and giving. One of the traits that shows chivalry in a person is bravery. Bravery is something that is shown throughout many year is many different ways. In the story “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” the Green Knight appears and asks for someone to accept his challenge which consists of swinging an axe at the Knight knowing that in a year the Knight would come back to swing on Sir Gawain, everyone was scared and did not accept.…show more content…
When people are fighting for our country they don’t go in alone. They go in as a team and help each other out no matter what. This shows great loyalty they could die helping someone but they choose to stick it out and make sure nobody gets left behind. Along with loyalty there are people that are humble and giving. As a leader you have to be humble and giving for people to like and follow you. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” before the green knight came he was sharing a meal with all of his army. King Arthur was not up in his castle he was down on the ground with the fellow people. He treats them equal and that is how to be a good leader. In the Story Beowulf Hrothgar shared his money and riches and did not keep them to himself. He was with they celebrating and having a good time. He had a hall made where everyone could party. In the movie “The Knight's Tale” William Thatcher found out that Geoffrey Chaucer owed money but paid for him anyway because he knew that Geoffrey would die if he did not pay the people. William Thatcher grew up in a poor home environment and knowing that you can see that he is respectful to all people because he knows what they are going
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