Examples Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain

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Sir Gawain conveys chivalry by his brave actions in order to reflect culture in the Middle Ages. Every knight in this time had to follow a code of chivalry. Chivalry is an outline of how a knight should behave. In the excerpt of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain accepts a risky challenge of attempting to cut off the Green Knight 's head. Sir Gawain does indeed cut his head off, but the Green Knight simply puts his head back on. As part of the deal, the Green Knight gets to chop Sir Gawain 's head off in a year. The story follows Sir Gawain on his adventure to find the Green Knight in order to follow chivalry. Along the way, Sir Gawain faces some challenges. This represents a code of chivalry in the fact that you can never refuse
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